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January 6, 2018September 28, 2018

Jamyang Gyaltsen

Jamyang Gyaltsen is an education specialist. He holds a Master of Education from Columbia University and an MPhil in Education from Cambridge University.

January 5, 2018September 28, 2018

Dukthen Kyi

Dukthen Kyi is a human right specialist and a writer of children’s books. She holds an MA in International Human Rights from University of Denver, Colorado.

January 4, 2018September 28, 2018

Ngawang Tsetan

Ngawang Tsetan teaches at the TCV School, Suja, and is the facilitator of the school’s reading project “Readers of the Dalai Lama”. He holds an MA in Political Science and a Bachelor of Education from Punjab University.

January 3, 2018September 28, 2018

Tenzin Dekyi

Tenzin Dekyi is an early child literacy specialist. She is currently an MA candidate in Early Childhood Care & Education at University of Austin, Texas.

January 2, 2018September 28, 2018

Kalsang Wangdu

Kalsang Wangdu is an education specialist. He holds a Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching from Teachers College, Columbia University, NY.

January 1, 2018September 28, 2018

Buddha Kyab

Buddha Kyab is a writer and translator of children’s books in Tibetan language and a former textbook editor of the CTA Department of Education.